Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mickey Mouse Carnival Themed Party

For my son's first birthday we threw him a fun Mickey Mouse Carnival party. What better way to incorporate his LOVE for Mickey Mouse while celebrating the BIG 1.

We started the theme with these fun Mickey Mouse head invitations with pull out party details designed as an admission ticket to the carnival.

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As guests arrived they were directed to the Carnival with this cute sign. Get your own personalized sign here
Guests were then greeted at this Ticket Booth my talented Dad made. Each guest was given fun gaming tickets (we didn't actually limit the number of games or anything but the tickets were a fun little detail and the kids loved having them to give at each booth)  Our guests were also given a white decorated handle bag that had a carnival ticket and mickey head with their name on it to put all their game booth goodies :)
Personalized Bags

The Party Table filled with all your favorite Carnival goodies :) And a handmade Mickey mouse head banner layered with accenting paper that read "Gavin Is One"
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I made this super fun cake topper for the birthday boy's cake

The birthday Boy enjoying his cake!! Yummy!!
LOVED the flare that the highchair banner gave See more here

These centerpieces were done in various color combinations scattered on tables

Game, Games,Games

We had a Ring Toss game that my dad made with a piece of wood and some dowels from Lowe's
Bean Bag toss Game and again my amazingly talented dad made this and drew the Mickey Mouse face. I helped with the painting and made the bean bags :)
Spray Away Game using a paper and ribbon foam strip and sealed with Podge Modge and then golf tees stuck into it and ping pong balls for the kids to shoot off the tees.

Crazy Canz game made from old, Recycled Puffs containers filled with sand and glued closed and them spray painted :) Easy and a low cost DIY

We also had a tattoo booth and hired Sparkles the Clown to do face painting and balloon animals which were a huge hit!  Sparkles is AMAZING!!!

 Also at each booth every kid was a winner! I bought tons of fun carnival themed goodies from Oriental Trading Company and it all worked out perfect!!!

For our party favors we did fun gumball machines and I made personalized party favor tags that Read "Thanks for celebrating my 1st birthday with me"

Hope you had fun visiting our Mickey Mouse Carnival!! Visit our shop for more fun items at

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